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Ms. Davis's First Grade Class

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Welcome to our class website!

This website is for our parents/friends and family to view. On this website their will be upcoming events, pictures, information about our class and much more.


Dear Parent/ Guardian
My name is Ms. Jhanel Davis and I will be your child’s 1st grade teacher. My goal and mission as your child’s teacher is to help your child reach their full potential. My classroom
will be a very comfortable and positive learning environment for your child.
I want you as well as your child to get a full understanding of my expectations and policies so I have included my rule sheet as well as my syllabus that states all of my expectations. I will be more than happy to update you on upcoming events and your child's progress in my class. I believe strongly about parent teacher relationship, so I ask that you all work with me, and assist me with your child’s academics. I am very open to any ideas, comments, or suggestions that you may have so feel free to meet with me throughout the school year.


Ms. Davis's Desk


Ms. Davis's First Grade Class * 7st * Ft.Lauderdale * US * 32301