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Ms. Davis's First Grade Class

Thank You


I want to personally thank everyone for viewing my site. Below are some activites that will be taking place this month and next month.
Hope to see you all there.

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August 2007

August 5,  6:00pm - Class Color Day

August 13, 6:00pm - Community Week Celebration

August 19, 7:30pm - Open House

August 28, 7:00am - PTA Meeting

September 2007

September 6, 2:00pm - Labor Day (School Closed)

September 12, 7:00pm - Individual Pictures ( For the classroom)

September 18, 8:00pm - Early Release

September 27, 12:00pm - Field Trip to the Theater

Keeping checking the website for updates throughout the school year.

If there are any questions you can contact me by calling the front office, scheduling a conference, or e-mailing me at:

Ms. Davis's First Grade Class * 7st * Ft.Lauderdale * US * 32301